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Employer of Record or EOR: What is it?

A company that administers your employees’ legal, HR, tax, and local compliance obligations in any nation where you lack a legal corporation is known as an Employer of Record, or EOR.

An EOR is an excellent choice for any business with international aspirations because it makes hiring employees abroad quicker and more affordable than setting up and managing several local organizations.

An EOR can hire, oversee, and compensate personnel on your behalf. Consider it to be the managing employer, with you, the client, continuing to be the legal employer.

The Advantages of EOR in Serbia

– Expertise
– Saving time
– Saving cash
– Ensuring compliance

Your employees work for you even though we pay them.

In a word, you work with us to hire the candidates you want to hire. It helps you to avoid the difficulties of establishing a legal company in numerous countries. This means that you may expand your firm fast, confidently, and without worrying about being held responsible for your employees.

EOR in Serbia

For instance, if you need to hire a team in Serbia, all you need to do is give ANECO the specifics of who and for how long you need someone on your team. ANECO then handles all of the documentation for the employee and takes care of the local laws. This relieves you of the expense, inconvenience, and bureaucratic hassle. More importantly, it enables you to concentrate on expanding your company.