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Innovative and passionate

Our story

ANECO was founded in 2021 and is growing to be a company that provides a service of fully staffed and operational IT teams that are capable to perform and deliver projects of vast scopes. We do not make compromises in terms of efficiency, respect for deadlines, and quality of project implementation. We are here to talk to you, understand your needs and deliver efficient contemporary design IT solutions. We are ready for your next step.

Located in Belgrade, Serbia ANECO has great resources to tap into the current IT market of developers and pick the best team possible for your companies needs.


Employer of Record

A company that administers your employees’ legal, HR, tax, and local compliance obligations in any nation where you lack a legal corporation is known as an Employer of Record, or EOR.
An EOR is an excellent choice for any business with international aspirations because it makes hiring employees abroad quicker and more affordable than setting up and managing several local organizations.


Build, Operate,Transfer

Making the decision to outsource IT development center is a tactic used by tech consulting firms, service providers, agencies, and other organizations to cut costs without sacrificing quality. There is, though, still a proviso because it can be quite difficult to locate an outsourcing partner who is trustworthy, flexible, and able to adapt to existing processes without interfering.

Belgrade Headquarter


We are your link between business and technology

ANECO is a company focused on forming and providing reliable IT services with experts of various profiles who have already proven them in both the local and international technology community. What drives the company ANECO is the desire of our experts to always create the best possible solutions, which are also innovative solutions because they correspond to the contemporary business hour. Whether it is a large company, small family business, institution, or organization with a tradition, we pay full attention to your needs and together we create IT solutions that work in your best interest.

We offer you the opportunity to successfully implement a variety of projects at reasonable prices. Reduce your costs without compromising on quality. Working with us varies by situation, but the benefits of outsourcing often include one or more of the following:

— Decreased expenses

— Expanded focus on planning or basis competencies

— Access to competencies or remedies

— Lower current investment in the in-house framework

— Increased performance

— Variable scope

— Increased resilience to meet dynamic business and profit-making conditions

— Possible investment inflow resulting from transmission of assets to the new provider

— Acquiring legal input

— Increased time to market

— Access to modernization, intellectual property, and thought authority

— Acquiring office space if needed

EOR Employer of Record

BOT Build, Operate,Transfer


E-commerce projects

Application development


Let us lead your ideas into successful projects


Let us lead your ideas into successful projects


Let us lead your ideas into successful projects


Let us lead your ideas into successful projects


Let us lead your ideas into successful projects


Let us lead your ideas
into successful projects

The expertise and knowledge of our teams enable us to offer our clients a wide range of products and services – from designing and developing software that works seamlessly on all platforms, whether mobile or desktop. We have experience in e-commerce projects, IT consulting, mobile application development. The company offers customized solutions based on customer expectations with high quality at cost-effective prices and at specific times.
We also provide other services such as setting up teams (recruiting, HR, accounting etc…)


Reliable, fast, and efficient IT solutions – from idea to satisfied end-user

The ANECO team consists of experts specializing in a wide range of IT services. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to understand the needs of clients, respond to their requests, and exceed their expectations. We like to think boldly, so we always suggest new solutions and approaches to existing or upcoming challenges. Our goal is to create solutions that will improve the business processes of our clients.

Our experts are always passionate about technology. We prefer to view the problems we encounter during work as a challenge. It’s more fun and stimulating! Solving technical challenges and placing new products on the market is our specialty. Our management understands what drives modern companies, and it makes sense to organize work in large or small teams. We establish long-term partnerships with our clients and help them move quickly and work as top-class organizations.


Trust and responsibility
as an everyday work habit

At the very core of our business ethics is a commitment to establishing a culture of transparency and accountability. Trust is a basic prerequisite for the efficient implementation of projects, and there is no trust without a sense of responsibility, cooperation, and authenticity between our team and business partners or clients.

Innovation, commitment, quality, and superior service help determine the ways to achieve profitable growth. The company is equipped with fine infrastructure and ideal technological support and a wider distribution network so that the business requirements of the partners can be met. Our only goal is to delight clients and customers with our valuable products and services.

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